Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Crossing the First Threshold

Jerry returns home alone and frustrated like a migrating bird only to find that his nest has been invaded by social forms. His flatmates have arranged to go to the pub with Julia's friend, Vanessa Harding.

Vanessa Harding is a fisher of men who is on a romantic mission for a husband. Jerry expresses an interest in her but she sees him as an urban fox who has lost his way. His approach to romance seems to be paying attention towards women he cannot have.

Their separateness is emphasized even more when she asks him if he lives there. Alienated amongst a group of people, this scene represents lives lived next to each other without touching each other.

Julia becomes a picture of productive energy by inviting Jerry to join them for a drink in the pub to meet her boyfriend, Jon Emerton.

Jon Emerton is the first of two tricksters in the film who provide comic relief. He is a man who traffics in polite society and has been feminised by his pampered upbringing. He sees Jerry as a migrating bird who is invading his nest and jockeying for territory within his society. There is a fierce current beneath the surface of his casual response to Jerry's chosen endeavour.

Jerry remains trapped inside the mindset of other people. Although he sits in close proximity to Kerry they are isolated from one another. Both of their lives are lonely even though they are sharing it with other people.

Forced into the outside world again, Jerry is driven to finding a job through a high street employment agency in order to prevent ending up like his father. His threshold guardians are the recruitment consultants who are a barrier to him securing gainful employment.

Rizla Dell is the second of two tricksters who provides comic relief for Kerry. She is the only person that Kerry can be herself with and when they're together she can let her hair down.

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